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1. We love animals with all our hearts and are committed to training force-free maximizing fun and playful techniques. We emphasize fun and joy in our training and work to minimize stress as much as possible.
2. We base our training methods on scientifically proven methods that are animal-friendly. If there should be a conflict between what is animal-friendly and what the animal’s parent desires, we will side with what is animal-friendly.
3. We work to get animals out of crates so that they may move freely and safely coexist with humans.
4. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that positive reinforcement is the best way to train animals. We are committed to using at most a mild aversive only as a last resort. Shock collars, prong collars or choke chains are never used. We do not advocate physical corrections, throwing things at or near the animal or spraying liquid in an animal’s face.
5. We foster our continuing education and all consistently work to continue our education. All staff are certified and where they are not, they work under the supervision of a certified trainer while they are pursing certification.
6. We educate humans to employ patience and to seek to understand animal’s needs and wants.
7. We coach people to communicate consistently and clearly with their animals.
8. We work within our level of competence. Less experienced trainers are supervised by more experienced ones. We do not give advice on anything that is outside of our area of expertise. We refer clients to competent professionals for issues that are outside of our area of expertise.
9. We keep client information confidential sharing client info ONLY with staff and those in a position of supervision, with the exception of neglect or abuse of an animal or if the animal is dangerous.
10. Clients should know they are empowered to decline any recommendations that we make for them or their dogs. We encourage clients to ask questions.
11. Schedule of fees: Most group classes are $200 for eight one hour sessions. Private instruction is $50 per hour or $35 per half hour at our main location. In home instruction is $100 per hour. Failure of payment will result in discontinuation of services.
12. The successes of training strongly depends on three factors: an owner’s willingness to heed the advice of the trainer (the professional), proper reinforcement at home and maintaining an open line of communication with the trainer. Cooperation from all parties is key to the learning process and to rehabilitation. This includes not mixing methods during your time of training with Seize the Leash. We are positive reinforcement based trainers and any deviation from that will ruin the gains made here. Not doing your homework at least 5 minutes a day will prevent your dog from learning also. An hour long session once a week cannot teach a dog what it needs to know. YOU MUST be involved on a daily basis.
13. Photos and videos will be taken during training classes and private lessons. These photos are the property of Seize the Leash but shall be available upon request to clients. These photos and videos will only be used for promotional purposes.



The Canine Game Theory Certified Trainer Program is ideal for anyone who would like to learn more about how training can be fun and instructive at the same time. As long as you are willing to use the methods provided, do your best to attend the be-weekly online meetings and turn in your homework, this cource is for you. This course will work for anything involved with animals. Because it utilizes the science behind classical and operant conditioning and the methods that have sprung from that science, 


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