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Movement With Purpose

Flowgility is a combination of Agility and Mobility. It promotes concentration, confidence, coordination, strength, balance, and motor skills. Degility ensures a fit and healthy dog .  

Flowgility is a sport in started a few years ago for the purpose of taming Parkour for all ages and sizes of dogs.It is a mixture of fitness, agility and parkour.

Flowgility  is not a sport of speed and excitement.It addresses precision in the doing of the exercises with connection and concentration.

Flowgility  emphasizes confidence in navigating the challenges of the equipment employing motor skills and coordination not seen in other sports.

Flowgility  introduces a dog to novel and unique experiences that our human world doesn't normally contain. This sport is more then just a sport and affects more than just the dog. Flowgility  helps to create awareness of the environment, of one's body and it's parts and how they move, confidence in moving through environments and the ability to tackle anything new with alacrity and grace. Flowgility  teaches the human end of the relationship how their dog responds to the environment, to new things and new spaces and what can be expected with speed of learning and retention rate.

Achieved with Flowgility  in addition to the thrill of competition:

Improves flexibility, gait, agility, posture, proprioception, coordination, balance and grace

Teaches the dog and the human to be mindful of the environment and one's partner

Teaches you and your dog how to explore new and novel objects, obstacles and environments

Increases confidence in each other and how as a partnership you can move through the world.

Help with handling those fears developed because of a lack of socialization and enrichment thereby creating the ability to transfer this confidence to real world scenarios.

Improves and enhances the relationship and bond with your dog

Improves and enhances your awareness of your dog and your dog's awareness of you.

Flowgility is also used in rehabilitation after injury or surgery.

Flowgility as a therapy improves and promotes the flexibility, strength and agility of your dog.

Flowgility includes a flexible course equipment without "diving apparatus" such as steep wall, for more "adventures devices" such as suspension bridge, labyrinth, goal or rope ladder ... Many units are suitable especially for dogs with musculoskeletal problems. Thus, for example, by simply standing the dog on the bobblehead, specifically to build the back muscles without stress on the joints.Nervous dogs learn playfully, to concentrate, and also the person learns with his dog to communicate better.

The specific exercises give dogs and owners with lots of fun and joy trusting cooperation.

gait improvement

Muscle Building



Flowgility  is the foundation sport for Functional Agility and even though the term Degility is a registered trademark in Germany, we can use the concepts and create a method of training a dog to be the best s/he can be.