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Beauty In Movement

Canine Parkour is an art form, a philosophy promoting fitness, imagination, community spirit and health. 

Parkour (noun) – A way of using your body to travel from point A to B in your environment such as a city, forest, or any architecture. Using movements like running, jumping, climbing, and vaulting to travel across from A to B. (*Vault – a type of move used to overcome any obstacle.)

Parkour comes from the French word: Parcours meaning “course, route” < from Medieval Latin percursus < from Latin percurrere to run through < from per- through + currere- to run.

For dogs, this sport is agility with a twist. The agility is done over, under and through some of the most challenging and environmentally distracting objects we can muster up. This is a safe confidence builder for any dog.

Everyone and every dog deserve to be fit and healthy without risk of injury. You can achieve your agility and obedience training goals and increase the bond with your dog at the same time. Go beyond typical agility or obedience training. Train your dog to climb stairs, ladders, and ropes; go up and down slides, walls and tables; be fearless and confident in the face of any obstacle.

Canine Parkour is a fun way to exercise your dog using everyday objects, structural components and park furniture for agility and sport. Mental stimulation is so important for every dog, so you will learn how to use items you come across every day to make walks more fun for both you and your dog. You don’t need access to expensive agility equipment for you and your dog to have fun!

Think of Canine Parkour as a gym membership for you and your dog; tons of fun and a great bunch of people. It is a non-competitive physical activity in which you and your dog are expected to overcome obstacles by adapting movements to the environment in the most efficient way possible.

Traffic, people, other dogs, loud noises, dog parks, these are every day occurrences in the life of Parkour Canines and should be a source of confidence and positive stimulation. This class engages dogs and their owners in a positive manner and gives them the tools to tackle these challenges head on. Obedience training and urban agility exercises are combined to create a class that is as exciting as it is productive.

This is a lifestyle change for both you and your dog. Canine Parkour will equip you with the tools you need to achieve your training goals with your dog. Whether you are working with your dog for your and his health, or training for a big challenge, Canine Parkour will help motivate and inspire you to continue.

There are two places where you and your dog can earn titles in Parkour. Canine Parkour and the International Dog Parkour Association

Using natures obstacles and park addititions as a human and canine gym

Running, jumping, and climbing with the discipline of the martial artist

The grace of the gymnast and the virtuosity of the skateboarder