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Current Classes
Starting March 1st 2020

All classes are 6 weeks long for $50

Dimensions In Fear - Building a Confident Dog

We will engage your dog's natural curiosity, show you how to handle any fear of new objects, people or other dogs and make it safe for your dog to interact with the world around it. This class will give you the tools to change your dog’s emotions and build her confidence in herself and in you. We will cover the basic principles of TTouch and how to apply them to your dog. Tellington Touch is especially recommended for nervous dogs, fearful dogs, aggressive dogs, or hyperactive dogs.

Empowerment and Engagement


ost people want their dogs to "listen" to them, basically meaning they want the dog to obey. But is that the best choice of how to work with our dogs? Dogs do what gets them things and don't do that which threatens their survival in any way, which means pain and fear. If the dog isn't cooperating it's imperative to ask ourselves what we might be doing wrong or not communicating. Communication is the most important reason why a dog doesn't "obey".
From a dog's viewpoint, giving him the knowledge that he can choose to engage with us, instead of being forced to endure a training session, is nothing short of empowering. Establishing a foundation of choice establishes a foundation of trust. Trust cannot be earned any other way then being trustworthy and not "surprise" the dog with corrective measures.

Snake Avoidance Without Shock

Teach your dog self control in all situations
Self control, distraction training, scent training and actually consulting your dog's understaning of what to do when seeing, hearing or smelling a snake.
Play simple games that teach your dog what to do when it senses a snake. These games are easy, require very little learning for the human or the dog, and pack quite a training punch !


Behavioral enrichment is a principle that seeks to enhance the quality of animal care by identifying and providing the environmental stimuli necessary for optimal psychological and physiological well-being.

Handling Noise Phobias

Through judicious use of play, toys, noisy things and patience, we teach a dog that noises are just noises.  Some we will teach the dog where noise is coming from, the rest, we play

Play Therapy for Reactive Dogs

Dogs that do not play with other dogs after they leave their litters often become reactive when they are around other dogs. Many also display inappropriate social skills, which can cause conflict when their behaviors alarm or annoy well-socialized dogs. This is also an important thing to consider when adopting a pup that is less then 8 weeks old. Puppies learn from their littermates about play. If they are taken away from the puppy pack too soon, they miss out on some of the most important learning activities of their life.

Bio Detection

Canine and Feline Cancer
Valley Fever
Kidney Disease
Mast Cell Diseases
Ehler's Danlo Syndrome
and many more

Scent Detectives - Beginning Games for Detection

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell created over centuries of evolution to enhance their need to hunt. Nose work takes this natural ability and desire of a dog to hunt with scent and turns it into sport that any dog can play. Through games and play, nose work can develop any dog's natural scenting abilities to their finest.

Movement With Purpose

Degility® is a combination of Agility and Mobility. It promotes concentration, confidence, coordination, strength, balance, and motor skills. Degility ensures a fit and healthy dog .

Cooperative Hunting

Cooperative hunting and social organization have been linked within a species and seems to happen when the gain is greater per animal then if they hunted and lived alone.

Classes Starting April 15, 2020

All classes are 6 weeks long for $50

Control Yourself

Using ISelf Control and Impluse Control Games, Crate Games, Space Games, Reorienting, Heeling exercises and all the other games I use in the various classes we teach, we show the dog how to manipulate her environment in ways that please the humans in her life and still meet her needs, stay safe, avoid pain and death and still have fun.
Not self-control, just conservation of energy, awareness of the environment and the things and other beings in it, awareness of other determinism and self-determinism and how they can work together to create a life worth living.

Environmental Toxin Detection

Environmental toxins can cause serious health effects when exposure is allowed to accumulate, but it is important to remember that the poison is in the dose. Problems usually result from prolonged or excessive exposure; the occasional use of a plastic cup probably won’t hurt you! 

This class teaches your dog how to search a room or a house, find common environmental toxins and how to then alert the human who is outside that space. 

Nosework Games and Troubleshooting

Life happens. Even to our highly trained service dogs. This class will show you not only how to maintain your dog's incredible abilites but also how to bring back your dogs need to assist you and alert on those smells that are necessary for your continued health or in your bio or environmental detection business.

Clairity and Calm in a Chaotic World 
Handling Distractions

imagine living in a world that wasn't designed for a human. How many distractions would there be? Everything is strange and noisy and smelly. This is what our dogs contend with while living with us. There are cars and trucks, bicycles and skateboards, noises from the toaster and microwave, the a/c or heater clanking into gear – a million sounds, smells, sights and even emotions that nature never intended canines to endure.

The Key To Connection
Your Relationship With Your Dog

This class will teach your dog and YOU how to stay relatively stress free no matter what life throws at you, how to see similarities and differences in a new environment versus environments you already know and understand, how to investigate a new object and decide that it's not dangerous and might be fun, and most importantly, how to play no matter where you and your dog are so that learning is enhanced and stress minimized.

Creative Exercise

Running. Jumping. Playing. Problem solving. Dogs live for this stuff!
Exercise—for both mind AND body—should be fun for you and your dog.

Over 100 exercises are available for those who cannot for whatever reason, walk or run their dog every single day for long enough to satisfy the dog's needs.

Just as with our Service Dog program, we will teach each student how to creatively exercise dogs so that it is fun, fullfilling, and useful. There is no boredom with these exercises, they can be done from your easy chair or with your running shoes on. 

Beauty In Movement

Parkour (noun) – A way of using your body to travel from point A to B in your environment such as a city, forest, or any architecture. Using movements like running, jumping, climbing, and vaulting to travel across from A to B. (*Vault – a type of move used to overcome any obstacle.)
Parkour comes from the French word: Parcours meaning “course, route” < from Medieval Latin percursus < from Latin percurrere to run through < from per- through + currere- to run.

'Parkour is about moving through an environment in the most effective and efficient manner.  It is not about doing static exercises on objects. 

Hands On Healing

If you are into holistic methods of healing and intervention, this class is for you.  If you aren't quite sure but would like to see the science behind holistic healing, this class is for you.

This class will cover massage, TTouch, Red Light and Accupressure Therapies, Kinesiology Tapping and Muscle Testing

Puppy Learning Games

Who can fathom the mind of a puppy? Squirrels drive them crazy, garbage is their favorite snack and immediately after chewing your one-of-a-kind, handmade leather jacket into confetti, they can give you a look of such innocent love and adoration that you forget all about it. This kind of behavior can baffle and frustrate even the most conscientious of dog owners. When you bring a puppy home, she becomes part of your family; you need to be able to trust her with your home, your belongings and even your children. Managing your puppy's behavior is the key to having a peaceful and loving relationship with her. 

Don't Move 
Fabulous Stays

Keep in mind that stay is an abstract concept for a dog to learn and understand. Sit means put your rear to the ground; down means put your rear end and your chest to the ground; come means run to your owner; but stay...? Dogs do know how to have self-control, they are taught how to watch prey and be still so as not to scare the prey away. This is a "stay" I suppose, but it has a purpose. In most training methods, stay has no purpose other than "Don't Move Until I Release You".
You can however, teach a dog to "stay" with purpose. The purpose is so that s/he can then play a game with you. The "stay" eventually becomes part of the game, just as it becomes part of a hunting sequence in the wild. The purpose isn't that much different - both purposes are motivation and reinforcement. 

Classes Starting June 1st 2020

All classes are 6 weeks long for $50

Movement With Purpose Mazes

We revisit our slow movement, strength, balance and mobility building Movement With Purpose. This time with Mazes.  Maxes add a dimension of thinkingness, persistance and creativity to our slow move training.

Service Dog Basics

Our service dog program has 5 levels. The first 3 levels are basic to advanced obedience. This is necessary for all service, assistance and therapy dogs.

Level 1 covers:
Warm Up
Loose Leash Walking
Wait at the door
Meet and Greet
Leashing Up Manners
Leave it
Wait for the food bowl
Give and Take 

Cognitive Concepts Training

Many of us use positive dog training reinforcements when training dogs or teaching other dog moms to train their dogs. This involves rewarding our dogs for good behavior. A core part of dog training will always be transactional…and that’s okay!

But, what about the rest of the time? dog Training teaches a dog what living in a human world is all about.  How to make choices and which choices will result in real life reinforcement.  

Your Rescued Dog

When you bring a new dog into your home there will be excitement, planning, and ideas of what you may envision doing with your new family member, things may start moving forward, sometimes very quickly in this vision of your happy dog home.

Tricks That Teach

"It's all tricks"  I've heard some trainers say.  And in general they are correct.  But some tricks are just tricks. 

This class teaches you and your dog basic survival skills via tricks.  These are those movements which clicker trainers look for when building to a full behavior or skill. But each of these "movements" are also a skill.

Join us in learning skills by using tricks.

Flirt Pole Self-control

Most of us have dogs that don’t ‘work’ for a living, that means they have lots of free time and energy to burn. Especially when the outside conditions aren’t safe for playing long enough to burn that energy.

One of my favorite ways of burning off that energy is to play a good, long game of flirt pole. My dogs typically learn how to chase the rabbit at the end of the flirt pole because it is part of being a dog and having the hunt sequence ingrained in your genetics.

Burning off excess energy is not the only reason for playing with a flirt pole. I strongly advocate using this play time to teach your dog some skills that will make your life so much easier…and your dog’s life so much happier.

Self-control, impulse control, lightening fast sits and downs and fabulous stays in the face of distraction.

Tiny Tyrants

Our Tiny Tyrants Behavior Training Class addresses the specific needs of the small and toy dogs. All exercises are designed for the success of your dog. Training exercises are divided into a variety of categories to help you build a strong relationship with your dog while helping your pet develop a broad base of life skills and the ability to cope with their old fears and easily handle new things and new environments. 

Fitness Fundamentals

Fitness is a dog's ability to perform physical activities both static and dynamic. These activities generally require endurance, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination as well as a general awareness of the environment those activities are being performed within.

But we all know that jumping into activity that you are not use to causes numerous aches and pains and even injuries.

Our dogs are no different.  This class has simple exercises that will strengthen your dog, stretch those tendons and prevent injury.

Public Access Games

Public Access training has several parts to it.
Self Control and Impulse Control
Thinking Through Arousal
Ignoring Distractions
Understanding Environments
Sights, Sounds and Smells
Strange Surfaces and Wobbly Walking
and the test items as follows:

Controlled unload out of a vehicle
Approaching a Building
Controlled Doorway Entry
Walking through a building
Basic Obedience Skills
Noise Distractions
Being around food
Being off leash
Controlled exits
Controlled Loading Into A Vehicle

This is valuable for service dogs and even pet dogs who travel a lot with their humans.

Snake Avoidance Without Shock
Training the Trainer

This class is about teaching a trainer how to teach Snake Avoidance Without Shock either privately or in a group class.

'This class is 12 weeks long and costs $300.