I would love to learn how to see all the things Jamie sees in the dogs, and why these games work on those issues. Why are simple looking games so powerful with dogs?

Jamie's approach is different from anything I have done before. I was impressed at how quickly we made progress. There are a lot of games and exercises but she helped narrow it down by what she saw in our baseline videos. She tweaked things based on what we did or said. She does not give all the steps right away because it is tailored to each team and their needs and their journey. I am still processing all of her material.

This is the best class I have taken. I have learned so much about how my dog thinks and behaves, and this class gave me the tools to address everything from body part sensitivity to reactivity. I have seen dramatic improvements already, sometimes within a day of doing the games in the class, because I am finally understanding my dog better and working on her terms.

I'm totally blown away... I have three dogs: Jake, a 14 year old Cairn Terrier mix, Hope, a 5 year old toy poodle and Joey, a 2 year old dachshund mix. Joey has only been with me for a few weeks, but has progressively grown more aggressive with Jake, drawing blood and causing wounds. Jamie has spent only two hours with me so far, but what a difference in my dogs! There hasn't been a fight in four days. Jake is losing his fear of Joey. He is coming out of his corner in the bedroom to be social and is even willing to eat next to Joey. Jake is also only putting up token resistance to walking with Joey and Hope. Joey is much calmer. He's only attempted to go after Jake a couple of times in the last four days. Both times I've been able to easily correct his behavior. I'm totally blown away with how quickly they have adapted to the new rules and how easy it is for me to teach them! Jamie’s methods make sense to me and they work!

Using the training manual at home is proving to be very helpful, though :0) Dixie has also stopped all of her digging and chewing on inappropriate items! Woo hoo! I know we only physically attended one session with you, but your tips and manual have been a true life saver. We can't thank you enough as it has made life so much more enjoyable for Dixie and the rest of our family. Best wishes and have happy holidays!


 Now it is a good thing the fence was there as she charged it , I called out Lexi!!!!! She whipped around and came back ...I nearly died. She came in and ate and turned away I said her name again and tossed a handful of treats in the air ...she stopped and proceeded to eat. Overall I am pleased -still a ways to go but very pleased. What I liked was she was relaxed and not on edge. I am looking at the distraction class ....thinking :) Jamie thanks ever so much for the great class.

My dog couldn't relax outside and was always obsessively searching for birds and squirrels. He was much more than a casual squirrel chaser, hunting prey was the only thing he could think about. He remained on a long line in his own back yard for several months because I was worried that he would jump the low part of our fence in pursuit of prey. We couldn't train off leash without him bolting into the bushes or charging the fence in hopes of finding prey. Prey did not even have to be visible for him to get over aroused, just their scent could send him over the top. In the past couple of weeks, he has ditched the long line. He thinks his mom is pretty cool now and he is so much more relaxed. His personal play and recalls have improved and we worked through so many fun games to improve his willingness to be with me. I also loved that Jamie provided us with ways to satisfy their prey drive, like games for scenting, shredding, etc. If you are committed to the training, it will be well worth your time. 

At the beginning of this course I had an unruly 21 month old whippet, Layla. Any time she would see a dog she was off over to it with not a glance back and turning deaf to my attempts to recall her. After completing the 2 part course I find myself on holiday with a 3 mile long beach and 1 mile wide with the tide out. Needless to say it's heaven for most dogs. I let Layla off the lead and there were a group of dogs 30 yards away she trotted 5 yards from me and then stopped and she turned round to look at me!!!! she actually turned round and asked if it was ok to go and play!! I said 'ok' and let her go play feeling triumphant! When I whistled her to call her back she 'whipped it' good and shot back over to my side with a huge smile on both our faces! I never thought this possible. Thank you so much Jamie Robinson for this amazing fun course, we have learnt so much and my gorgeous whippet has loads more self-control and even more love of life if that's possible. 

I went in thinking Prey Drive was a dog chasing a squirrel. I found out what Prey drive is! How to work with it, how to manage it, an awesome recall, more ways to build relationship and for students who had other problems like environmental stress, dog reactivity, etc. those issues were also given time for discussion, ways to solve and/or manage